could it be?

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m not exactly writing, yet, because I’m waiting for April 1 to begin Camp Nanowrimo, but I am getting ideas and adding to my outline. You know, the OUTLINE? The BIG OUTLINE?


Okay, refer to the post before this one and you will understand when I say BIG OUTLINE.

Anywho, I keep getting more ideas and starting to get the itch. That irritating not quite an itch so much as a twitch, but not really that either. It’s more like when you want a cigarette because you’re addicted to cigarettes and chain smoke like no body’s business. But you’re at a place where you can’t smoke so you get twitchy.

Or whatever feeling you get when you can’t have/do what you really like to have/do because you’re at a place that is have/do free. That feeling, yeah.

But even though I’m twitchy I’m okay with it because it means I want to write. YES, I WANT TO WRITE!!!!!! yesss……finally! It’s like whatever was blocking me has gone away, or is going away, and my writing is breaking loose. Or melting out of the iceberg where it was frozen for so long.

Yeah, I’m getting tired of the analogies, too.

But I am writing, sorta kinda, but waiting for camp to start so I can actually do the writing part of the outlining note taking part of the writing thing.


I think my writing is fixed again. I am going to be able to write again.

Now come on April, get er going.

Read ya later!



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