a haunting

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Fernando has been haunting me. Not like in ‘boo I’m a ghost’ haunting but more like ‘I’m going to be in your thoughts until you get back to my story’ kind of haunting. Yeah, it’s irritating.

I’ve been trying to write the night story. I even started campnano. You can see that here.

As you will notice I only put in for 10,000 words, and maxed it. Uh, sorta….but I haven’t raised my word count because I, uh, lost interest.

I think I have commitment issues. No, really, I think I do. I can’t stay committed to my current WIP without getting bored and messing around behind its back with another project.

Wait, does that make me a story slut? A written whore? A pathetic proser?

I don’t know.All I know is that I can’t stay on one story all the way through. I haven’t even finished book one while book two is still waiting for its first revision. And probably a big plot plug or two. I’m not sure I ever did fix those or not. It’s sitting in its box just cooking and simmering and gathering dust. For the last months or so.

I should be tracking all my projects.Seriously, the way my memory is it’s a wonder I even remember my stories.

So now I have to deal with a haunting. I’m not even sure I know where I put Fernando after I cleaned out, painted, and reorganized my office last year. But I’m sure he’s around somewhere.

The question is whether or not I write on his story or should I get a priest or witch doctor or something to get rid of the haunting?

I’ll keep you posted. Read ya later!


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