yes, yes, I know already

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

So I’m stuck. Again…on chapter two, now. *sigh*

But I have an outline and six chapters written. Kind of written.

Fine, they’re not finished and one has a huge gap. No, not one, chapter one.

But two is refusing to budge because it wants to be re-written.

Why did I want to write again? Oh, yeah. It wasn’t so much as I wanted to write as so much that I had to write. And unless you have the same malady I have you will not understand. An obsession for something that may not, or may, be a good idea. I won’t know until I finish a book, um, polish a finished book and then get an agent. Or do whatever the next step is after finishing writing a book.

Hey, I have finished writing the first draft of a complete book.

*blink* What? When did that happen?

Oh, I know when it happened, I just hadn’t thought of it as being a finished book. It’s right over there, waiting for it’s first revision. Sitting in its box all nice and cozy.

I actually finished a book. Oh, wow!

I’m going to have to let the sink in good. And, uh, figure out how to get the second chapter re-written so it flows again.

Read ya later!


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