out of the blue, which is usually how it happens

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Out of the blue, which is usually how it happens, I get a great idea. I wasn’t even trying to think about my story. I just had to wait for someone to quit arguing and explaining something to me at work…and BAM I get this idea.

Or was it a BOOM? I don’t remember but that’s not important now.

I’ve created a new species for my story. Uh, not a new species, exactly. More of a subspecies of a people I already have in the story.

Nope, you have to read it for yourself when it comes out in print. Or on the web…uh, or however I publish it. That is not important at the moment either.

Yes, yes, publishing is important. Just not at this point in the story. Quit looking at me in that tone of voice.

I got all excited and had a name for them. Sorta! But figured I’d wait until I get home and Google translate the name into a different language to make it all exciting and stuff.


I didn’t like what I found so I found a name generator and found two I liked and combined them into one name. Wham, bam, thank you mam I have a new people. Um, of sorts.

I will have to go back and change part of chapter one where these people are mentioned but that won’t be of no big deal and now I have more info to show that will flesh out the chapter more.

Oooooo….Like I said, I got excited. No, not that kind of excited. The other kind of excited.

I was excited enough to blog it so that shows how excited I was, right? Right!

Read ya later!

Oh, did I tell you about my new pen name? No? I guess that will be for another day, n’cest pas?

Read ya later, later!




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