redo the redo again

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m working on the book and after looking at my smaller outline, which is nothing like the BIG outline, which is in my blog post “yay,camp”,  I found out that the small outline and the big outline were not matching.

Great, I made changes and forgot to update the smaller outline. Now I’m listing the chapters from the BIG outline so I know what goes where. Sort of!

Yeah, it’s a mess but hey, I’m writing. Um, sort of.

Okay, back to unraveling my conception and make this book happen.

Yeah, I know it’s a short blog post but I’m busy. Leave me alone.

Oh, I did reformat my chapter and found out I have three of six finished in first draft. Yessss….

And book one still needs to be put together and other projects. I think I overwhelm myself and go all catatonic like writerly and do nothing.

I will have plenty to keep me busy when I retire in SEVEN years. geez

And I’ve been thinking about publishing and have a few ideas on how to get my first book (which ever one I finish first or whatever) out there.

Like out THERE, in the world out there. You know, that way…..>>>> OUT THERE!!!

Okay I gotta go, I’m babbling again.

Read ya later!her


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