stuck in writer block hell

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m stuck on chapter two. Dammit! Yes, yes, I know I can move on to another chapter, and I have before which is why chapter three and four are done. Even chapter one is finished in its first draft. Five and six have beginnings but they aren’t finished yet because I’M STUCK IN CHAPTER TWO!!!!

Chapter two is necessary to show one of my characters. This is the chapter that explains one of the MCs purpose. His presence and reason for being, so to speak.

Yes, I know I can move on without telling all about the back story but that it NOT THE POINT! I want this chapter, I feel this chapter (obviously not felt enough) and I need this chapter finished!

He is hunting wabbits. Er, he is hunting demons, one in particular and he entered the basement in a mausoleum looking for wabbits, uh demons, but now I’m stuck.

Oh, he will find some demon and he will kill some demons but I need MORE. I need action and I need to feel this….something I can’t name. GAH!

It is a necessary chapter and it will be written. Then I can move on.

Maybe if I ignore it the damn thing might tell me what I need to know. Hmm, that could work. Yes, I will ignore chapter two and move on to something completely different.

Ooo I could start editing the first draft of book two and get another draft worked out. Polish, polish, polish till it shines, shines, shines.

Orrr I could outline the story idea I happened upon while looking for something else.

Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I get brief snatches of story ideas that if I don’t write down enough notes I’ll lose the whole thing and it will never show up again. At least I don’t think they show up again.

Tell me, if I forget a story idea will it show up again? But if the answer is yes then how will I know if it showed up again if I forgot it the first time?

Okay, not thinking about that again. The last time I thought like that I got stuck in a loop and had to take something and go lie down until it went away. Not cool!

So, I’m stuck on two, dammit!

Read ya later!



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