i read a quote by a writer

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

I found a quote by Katherine Anne Porter about writing the ending first so she knows where the story was going and that got me to thinking about my current WIP.

So I began to write the last pages of the ending and then outlined some points I wanted to add to it.

NO, it’s not really writing as in writing sentence after sentence and such but dammit I got all creative and wrote something. And I like it, yes I do.

I also wrote a review about Suicide Squad. Yeah, it was your typical Marvel comic plot with anti heroes but it also has some major action scenes and the CGI was off the charts.

There is nothing better in a movie than a lot of blowemups and some shootemups. I love that in a good movie. Oh, and the acting from all the actors was spot on.

I do have to say that I do prefer Heath Ledger’s Joker to Jared Leto’s Joker but Leto’s Joker fit the Suicide Squad much better than Ledger’s Joker would have fit.

And it is a bad thing to root for the Joker coming to get his Juliet, er, Harley? They are so in love with each other. Um, in a sick and twisted psychotic way maybe but love is love dammit.

Getting back to the point about this post…

I like the idea of writing the ending to your story if for nothing other than to give you a new perspective on where your story is going. It gets you thinking about the whole point of the thing. Ya know?

Now to finish chapter five so I can get a new character out and about and bring some drama to my fantasy.

Read ya later!



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