Fernado and the gargoyles…finished

Posted: July 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

I finished the gargoyle conversation and the meeting with Fernando and Archie!

Wow, I would not to be Archie. He may have to make a hard and painful decision. Whoa!

But now Fernando is being visited by his mother’s sister. Or should I say, his adoptive mother’s sister, now that he knows the truth about his birth. But why did she come to his rooms at the inn in secret? Hmmm…

I cannot wait to find out.

What? You’re looking a me like I should know already. HA!

It don’t always work that way, people. Sometimes I have to wait and see what they say or do, not what I want them to say or do. Yeah, I have an outline and notes, but sometimes, just sometimes, the characters just take over and you have to rewrite your notes.


Anyway, I have more articles to post, and to write, and Grant has been bugging me again so I have to get back to his story. I want to find out if he kills his father or not anyway. Not that I want him to because I have plans for that demon, but as I have explained before…just because I am the writer doesn’t mean I am in control of the story.

Just saying….

I will post another article soon. I don’t know when, but soon.

Read ya later!



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