Midwest Writers Workshop 2017

Posted: July 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am so excited because I will be attending the MMW2017 this year. And it has been a long time since I attended this workshop.

As a fantasy writer I don’t get the chance to talk to other fantasy writers. Maybe I need to start a group or something because most of the writers I do meet are fiction writers but rarely fantasy fiction writers. And from my past experience people don’t get ‘it’. It’s like they don’t understand fantasy stories or something. I have to be meeting the wrong writers though I have joined a few different groups over the years.

But at this workshop, which seems to have evolved a lot since I was there last, I actually have a tribe. I know, right? I have a tribe! ooooooo…

So I am getting out of Dodge, er, Indianapolis, and spend time with other writers and other writers of like minded writing. At least I hope so! I will keep you posted.

I wonder if those two women I sat with the last time will be there? hmmm….I have to admit that sitting between two murder mystery writers while they discuss numerous ways to kill someone is a little unnerving. I know, me, unnerved about killing? Yeah, I was surprised, too. But I hope they will be there. Really nice women, just ,uh, scary to listen to…kinda.

I have also turned in something, I wrote, to the workshop for some opinion on it. I mainly want did it to see what other people think about my writing.

Am I any good? I don’t need a critique of the story, though that would be awesome, I just need to know if I am any good. And I don’t need to know if I’m great, just need to know that I can write a story. Or not…..yeah.

Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time, even though I have had some people read bits here and there and tell me I am good I still don’t feel like I’m good. Or, I should say, something inside me suspects I suck and that’s why I’m not writing like I should.

Even though the characters keep bugging me, and new characters for new stories keep showing up demanding to be written, something deep down tells me I suck and I am wasting my time.

Yeah, I know we all have doubts about our selves and it’s part of being human but I’m not writing like I should and that bugs me the most. But if I suck why bother?

See my conundrum?

I guess I will find out this weekend because I leave Wednesday and the workshop starts Thursday. Three days of writing and being with writers. oooo…..

In other news, on August 4 I’m going here Carmel Film Forum  to see the premiere of the movie I am in.


I need to expand my resume to include movie star and producer. Oh yeah, I will be in the credits as a producer. I produce, um, movies.

Maybe I should write a screen play? ooooo….

Read ya later!


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