I have some good news and I have some bad news.

Posted: July 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am attending the Midwest Writers Workshop 2017. First of all, it has been awesome. I’m having an amazing time!

Prior to the workshop I submitted some pages of one of my current works in progress for an intensive session titled “The Book Doctor is in- Adventures in Developmental Editing. To say that the prospect of a professional reading anything I have written scared the hell out of me would be an understatement. But I also knew I had to find out if I was any kind of good at this writing thing or was I just wasting my time because I AM NOT WRITING and I think it’s because I think I suck. Not just suck but really SUCK!

Yeah, I’m using a lot of caps….get over it.

I was even seriously considering therapy to find out what was going on and why wasn’t I writing. Seriously considering it! No, really, I even called a couple therapists but they didn’t sound like they would make a good fit so I never set anything up. But I was, still, not writing.

When I saw one of the intensive sessions would be a editing thing and a professional writer would actually read something and give us a critiques of sorts, I girded my loins and sent in something.

Now here comes the good news. I am a good writer. Maybe even a really good writer because he didn’t really mark up a lot of stuff, which worried me at first until he told me that he didn’t write up so much cause it was good. Wow!

Is it perfect? Oh hell no, but I don’t suck. And I told him from the beginning that all I needed to know was if I was any good or was I just wasting my time. He told me I am not wasting my time. It needed work but I was not wasting my time because it was good.

I am NOT wasting my time. WOW! That was the good news and I floated on that for like an hour until reality hit me and my brain went OH CRAP!

Yeah, the bad news.

Now that I know I’m a good writer do you know what that means? DO YOU?

Well, let me tell you. It means, my confused reader, that now I have to write. No, really write, write.

I have to wok now, and I mean work hard. Real hard!

Will I still enjoy writing? Will I still continue to write? Uh yeah, because I can’t stop even I wanted to stop. Even when I wasn’t writing I was still writing. Not often with any kind of regularity, but I still wrote.

But now I have to get to work, and work hard, because I am a good writer. Geez

I have since sent something in to another professional writer for something else so that should prove interesting, too.

There are two more days of the workshop and they have tons of stuff so I will be busy but it has been great. I’m exhausted but I’m glad I came. Well worth the time and the money. And I would say that even if I sucked. So many people willing to help and so many writers who ‘get it’, this writing thing.

Read ya later!


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