tabs and notes and tabs on notes tabs

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Normally I’m too lazy to take notes, but as you can see from the photo that I took a lot of notes. Not only that I put tabs in the awesome spiral notebook they gave is AND tabs on my personal note pad. Can you tell I like tabs?

tabsActually I like all stationary supplies. I am not allowed in Staple or Office Depot. And I have enough legal pads, white as well as yellow, to last me a long time.

Plus, tabs, notebooks, sticky notes, etc. I think you get the picture.

See what I did there? Picture? And I put a picture in this blog? I crack me up!

But now I’m looking over my notes because they filled our heads, and our notes with all kinds of ‘meat’. Links and blogs and websites and stuff…and then more stuff. So, now I recovered from my jet lag (how you can have jet lag from an hour drive beats me) I am ready to do all those things that they told me to do.

I’m a good writer and I’m not wasting my time so now its time to get into a serious writing regime and finish a book. Actually, I do have a completed (semi completed–who am I kidding) first draft of one of my books. All I have to do is begin the revisions.

*shivers* Yeah, the idea scares the tabs out of me.

See what I did there? I’m telling you, I’m hilarious.

Now I know what to look for I can give the poor king a name, he has been named king for too long, and move on.

And I have a theory about my place to write but I can’t get into details because SHE might be listening. That’s all I can say right now. I’ll explain everything on my first TV interview.

Now to finish a book and find an editor and then pitch to an agent and get the ball rolling. Oh, and then be working on my next book, which if I go with the other book in the series will be a handful because it is a mess. I thought the first draft was finished on that one, too, but NOPE! Bits and pieces, here and there, enough to make it look like a murder scene. Um, except there is no body, or, uh blood.  But it is a mess so I will be working putting that back together. Good thing I just bought some super glue. Right?

I have also been looking at all my media linkages and abouts mes so they will all be the same or darn near close to it. That way I will have my platform ready to go when I find the agent who is going to make us all a lot of money and keep me writing forever.

And I will be back next year for the Midwest Writers Workshop! It is AWESOME!

Read ya later!


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