so anyways….

Posted: July 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I was trying to put book one in a beta document…all chapters in one document, because the chapters were all separate. I like to do that because when I go back to do revisions and rewrites the manuscript is already set up for sending to editor/agent/publisher and I won’t have to redo the whole thing at the moment. Just pop it onto an email, drop in the snail mail, or whatever.

But there is a big problem. While I have a lot of the hard copies I do not have the soft copies to some of the chapters. There are a couple that will be combined into one.

Yeah, this is going to have to be a weekend writing moment just for that one book. Oi!

So I can either work on a chapter or write that article now that I have my information gathered. Oh, and I am no longer going to count blog posts or Facebook ramblings as work count. I’m a good writer and good writers don’t do that.

Matt Clemens says I’m a good writer so I’m going with that. If the rest of you don’t agree, not my problem.

Word count counts only as new words being written on a writing project. End of story!

Wait, no not the end of the story….just using the phrase “end of story”. Too cute? Well, I tried.

On to something that will not take a million years to put together. But I have to have something complete by next year for the Midwest Writers Workshop. I was always excited when I could go in the past but now I’m really excited. There was just sooo much this year. And so well organized, even when some big shots at the college needed to use the rooms for a meeting or some such nonsense, and we scrambled trying to find places to move sessions into. Didn’t do too bad either, I thought.

Now to write to add to my word count of 785 so far, and get something ready for an editor, which I still have to find. Ah, but I have a list of editors that were at the workshop. And agents, too. Oooo..I haz new idea!

But I have nothing ready for that yet.

Write my writer article and send a query. They had a great session on how to become a regular contributor to websites and magazines and I took a lot of notes. And no, I am not going to tell you what the article is about. Only that it has something to do with being a writer and writing.

When it gets published, because it will, I will post the link to it in the blog and you can buy and read it yourself.

I also have a short story I want to shop around to some places once I use my new knowledge and clean it up till it shines so much it will blind you.

Read ya later!



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