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Posted: July 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

I may not have enough chapters for my Fernando story. I have written five, working on chapter six, and quickly, and very roughly, outlined the rest of the book.

All together I may have twenty chapters. Will that be enough, I wonder? Maybe if the chapters are long enough and good enough.

But the good news is that I have my second book of this series starting to show up. And my bad guy from the first book (the one I am working on now) will make a reappearance in the second book, even though she is supposed to be dead. PLOT TWIST!

I likey plot twists. Um, the ones I make, anyway. In other books they tend to aggravate me, in a good way, because I think I have the plot figured out and BAM! PLOT TWIST!

My plan right now is to just keep writing and maybe something will show up? You never know with this writing thing. You just never know.

I wonder if I should give him a love interest? Not that he is interested in the opposite gender. Fernando is more asexual than anything. Kind of monkish without the religion bits.

I dunno, will have to see what happens. Half the time I don’t even know the story until I write it, which does make it more interesting I think.

I worked on my writer article yesterday but I didn’t want to move around a lot like yesterday and lose word counts. I only have 392 typed new words, but I outlined a lot on a legal pad so I am going to count that as writing.

Like they said at the Midwest Writers Workshop thinking, writing notes, outlines, and research count as part of the writing, too. And the more I have the story clearer in my mind and in my notes/outlines the faster I can get it written.

I was going nowhere fast. Now that I have most of it outlined/noted it feels better complete. Oh, yeah, I know I have a lot of work ahead but at least I know where the story is going.

The second book will be tricky. A completely different world and peoples which have not shown themselves to me yet. Oh, but they will, yes they will. They always do!

Read ya later!


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