so there’s this again

Posted: August 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m not writing again. Sure, I’m blogging a little and I still have the stories in my head, but I lost my motivation already.


I think I know why. I’m getting a critique on something, this Saturday, and I think my critical bitch is thinking why bother when you know you suck and its going to be proved when you get that short story critique.

Wow, I’m such a whiney punk. Geez, what do I want, someone to put it in writing that I’m a very good (or even great) writer and will write the books and sell them and write the other books and sell them and so forth and so on……

So there it is again. GAH!

In other news I have a character taking his time showing up in my Fernando story and he will be critical in the next few chapters so he’d better hurry the hell up. Geez!

I have major coup, a magical duel, and a really nasty spell that is going to do something really terrible to someone. I do NOT have all day waiting for someone to decide to give me his name and particulars.

Right now he is the commander and best friend to the late king. That’s all I got on him.

No name, no hair color, nada, zilch, and blech!

But I do have another great idea for the Grant story. I’ve been long handing some outlines for scenes and chapters so I guess I am writing somewhat. Just not the way I want to be writing. DAMMIT!

I guess I will find out, this Saturday, if my theory is correct or not. I’m anxious and excited, all at that same time, to see what this other professional writer thinks about my writing.


Read ya later!


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