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Posted: August 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

I attended the Carmel Film Forum because, one, I’m an extra in the prequel to the screenplay, and two, I submitted a short story for critique for the second day of the forum.

You were supposed to submit only screenplays but I have connections so I was able to get a short story submitted instead. Yeah, I know the guy who directed and wrote the prequel AND got the grant for the film forum. He hosted the whole two day thingie.

And I had a blast.

My critique, you ask? What did they tell me, you ask?

Oh, well, you know, they wrote something along the lines that I am a good writer and the story pulled them in and they wanted more. They found my “short story to have its greatest strength in your descriptive language”. That be quotes, my dear readers. EXACT WORDS from the letter.

And also, “There’s a lot of real emotion and celebration of Self Sacrifice in your story.”

And ” Your plot twist of tricking the XXXX was believable and clever. You deftly manufactured a sad, yet clever and heroic way to destroy the creature and save the kingdom.”

I put the XXXX because I don’t wanna give the thing away. You will have to buy the book when it comes out and find out,

BUTBUTBUT….this was written by a published screenplay writer who works with people from all over, including HOLLYWOOD! I  know, right?

So I am a good writer and I can write good and I want to continue to write and get published and I will. I will walk into bookstores and see my books. I will look on Amazon and see my books, and I will leave a heritage for my grandchildren (at least the ones who won’t be scared to read them) for generations.

And now I don’t have to go to therapy to find out why I’m not writing. Yay!

Oh, and you know how I was saying that the character needed to come out. Well he did, er, she did. Yep, my commander is a woman! Bad assery will commence!

But that does explain why he, or she, wouldn’t make an appearance. She hasn’t really talked to me, per se, but I know her history and what she looks like.


Now to pick one story and finish it. Do the first rewrite revision on the completed manuscript that has been waiting way too long, and work on some other stories when I get stuck/bored with the current WIP.

I still have novels and stories to probably last me for the rest of my life, all waiting to be written/finished/revised.

Life is good!

Read ya later!



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