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the end…book two

Posted: January 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m working on the last chapter of Book Two and it will be done. Well, the first draft will be done. I still have to finish the first rewrite and polish it up, especially the first five pages. Those pages, plus my synopsis, may be going for a evaluation so I want them to shine.

And I’ve already figured out what I am going to work on when this is finished.

First, Grant and Agatha’s story. Another urban fantasy but different from book two, which is also an urban fantasy.

I also have a project to put all of the notes of another story in one notebook like I did book one and book two. I seemed to have done the same thing with Grant and Agatha without even thinking about it and where I got the idea. All the character and places of each story’s world in one place with a content page for easy reference and a glossary to explain any unusual terms or whatnot.

And I still have to write about blogging which for authors who are not published may not be a good idea. I do it to whine about my non writeryness but I’ve been reading up about blogs and unless you’re going to put ads and stuff on your blog it doesn’t pay for you to have one unless you have a following on a published work.

I just want to whine. I figure my agents and publishers can find ways to sell my books. That is their job, right?

I don’t know, I will have to research some more.

I do know that once I retire my writing world will change. Not only will I reinvent myself, again, but I’m going to be able to organize my writing time. Not that I can’t do that now but when I am retired I will have more time to write and more energy to write. Work drains me like you would not believe. geez

But book two is almost finished, book one needs major work done, Fernando and Grant are in the works.

And I have two shorts I want to finish and polish and find homes. Yessss…

Read ya later!


resolutions…nope, but

Posted: January 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

I don’t make New Year resolutions….I never stayed with them and who needs the guilt. Right?

But I have started the first day of the new year off to a good start.

First of all, I finished chapter nineteen and killed the bad guy. It took me all weekend, for crying out loud, to do it but I did do it. Well, the actual writing only took me a few hours. The getting butt in gear took me all weekend. geez

I vomited the words onto paper, in red ink of all things, and finished it. I finished typing it up yesterday but I took another look at it today. Yeah, it needs revisions but the guy is dead, finally dead. Yay me!

Now I have one more chapter to go, and finish revising, and book two will be complete on its first rewrite. I’ve only revised five chapters but found out that the bad guy was never killed, nor nineteen finished, but I had finished chapter twenty. What?

Who does that? Begin a chapter, don’t finish it, and jump to the next chapter but finish that chapter? Who does that? Geez, obviously me, but c’mon!

Now to finish the last chapter and finish it off, finish revising the novel (yeah, I seem to be writing and revising the same novel at the same time…what?) and then move on to another work.

But I want to get an agent so I have to polish this, mostly finished book, so I can get an agent. I also want to take this manuscript to the workshop in July, assuming I can get the time off, and get it critiqued by a professional. It costs more but I think in the end it will be worth it. And I need to start working on a synopsis and query letter for it.

Busy, busy, busy! And working full time at the job at the same time.

Sounds like a lot, eh? But to be honest it’s not as busy as it sounds. I nap a lot and binge watch Asian dramas. It used to be just binge watching Korean dramas but I discovered Taiwanese dramas so…

I know that in the future, if not sooner, my naps and binges will have to be curtailed. I have too many things going on. For one thing a short story (that may turn out to be a novel eventually) to finish and find a place that will pay me for it. I like the idea of someone giving me money for a story. Not that it was much, nor did I need the money, but it was a validation of sorts.

That and two professional writers, who each saw a different story than the other guy,  who told me I am a good writer. Hearing that and someone buying a story is amazing!

I really need to get butt in gear and keep butt in chair…seriously. But I have the dream and a rough idea (which I will not mention here or anywhere) of when the big change will come.

I am excited and scared all at the same time!

Read ya later!

this blogging/writing thing

Posted: December 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

For someone who has to give a talk on blogging and writer platforms I am sorely lacking.

I know how to blog, and what to blog about, but it’s a completely different matter to actual blog. That’s work! Not hard work, mind you, but work. *le sigh*

See, the problem is I seem to prefer sleeping and watching Korean and Asian (can’t forget my Taiwanese and Chinese dramas) dramas. I do like a good Korean drama.

Napping and binge watching dramas takes up time, and with a full time job, leaves me very little time to write. And I am trying to finish book two…not doing so well, here.

Writing is hard work. And takes time. And you must have a butt in seat attitude.

I am a hard worker. And I have a lot of time (I live with four house plants) with no one but me in the house. But I lack butt in seat attitude.

I wonder if they have a vitamin for that? I’m going to have to go online and see because I really need to find something to keep butt in seat.

On another note, I’m not worried about being a bad writer or having too many writing projects. I have heard that other writers have been known to write more than one book at a time. I get bored, or not sure where to take the next chapter, so I move to another story and work on it.

Or I edit one book while writing another, and then make notes on reviewing one I have written for future rewrite.

And two professional writers have told me, at separate times, that I am a good writer so keep going. Yay!

But this blogging and writing thing is work. *le sigh*

And now I am committed, I think, to giving a brief talk on blogging as a writer.

Yay, *le sigh*, !

Read ya later!

woefully off track

Posted: December 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m so off track it’s not even funny. I keep “air quotes” organizing “air quotes” my writing projects but not actually doing any writing.

Am I that lazy? I can’t blame it on my fear of being a bad writer any longer. Two professional writers have told me I don’t suck and I am not wasting my time. So it must be laziness. Or fear? hmmmm…

Fear of what? I dunno?

But I must get a book finished, polished, find an editor, find an agent, and get the damn book published. geez

And I’m getting f**king tired of moving paper around and doing diddly squat on writing anything.

Yeah, the teeth pulling and the what-ever-the-hell-it-was-plague put me down but I’m all better now. See?


Fear…If I complete a book, find an agent, and get published what happens then? I have to write another book under contract. Then another and then another and then another and then….

I have so many projects now that I could keep writing books for, uh, seven years? Assuming I wrote and submitted a book once a year? I have some practically finished.

Okay, not practically finished but I have them started. And with notes and all kinds of stuff.

I want to finish a book and get it published. End of story!


getting back on track

Posted: November 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have got to get back on track.

First, I had two teeth pulled on the 31st of October and for some reason, even though they healed pretty good, I had a hard time feeling better. It was like my body took it as a personal insult.

Then, secondly, I get some sort of mad disease like a plague or something last Thursday. On the left side of my throat there was a very painful golf ball that not only made my left ear hurt but also caused massive sinus ick to come out of all my head orifices. ewwwwww

I broke down and went to medcheck Sunday and they gave me a Z pack. I feel almost normal….well, my version of normal, anyway.

I did take two days off from work, Monday and Tuesday, because of the plague. When I went to work today my team was surprised that I had called in sick. And in two days in a row. I usually don’t get sick so I figure I’m good for another decade, at least.

I almost made it to work yesterday. All dressed and ready to go, even as lightheaded as I was, but when I went into the garage to get in the car I became real woozy. I had to grabbed onto something to keep steady.

Yeah, didn’t think it a smart move to drive like that. So I stayed home and slept most of the day. If I hadn’t started to feeling better I was going to call the doctor’s office but after my third nap I felt almost well again.

And this morning I felt even better so I went to work. I expected a huge mess but nope, the usual grumpy employees who think that because it seems that someone is able to come and go as he pleases that he is getting special treatment. I can’t tell them that I am waiting for HR to give me the letter of warning, which if in 30 days he has not straightened out the next meeting I have with him is to take his ID and escort him out of the building when I fire him.

But I can’t tell them that…..yet. I have already fired one person in my brief two year, almost three year, experience as a supervisor. Think they would know me by now.

Is so not my problem!

And now to get the house together again (it got a little bit messy while I was sick) and back to my writing (wrote diddly squat) since I didn’t write while I was sick.

But I have a plan….write Night, chapter six…while revising book two,  reading through book one (making notes on a legal pad as I read), and work on the demon short story.

Not bad for someone who just got over the plague, eh?

Read ya later!

Not much writing was done last week. I was sick and not sure what was wrong but I hurt everywhere so either I had the plague (which is doubtful since I had no other symptoms) or the weather decided to give my body hell and caused all my joints, and my back, to just scream pain all at the same time. Yay

So not much writing!

But now I’m looking at book one again, which is the beginning of the whole story that book two and book three originate from (kinda makes sense, eh?) and realize that all my facts are messed up and in the WHAT.THE.HECK. part of writing. Originally I was going to use my favorite word (begins with an F) but cleaned it up real quick. Not that I, personally, think the F word is bad, but that is a whole other blog post.

But I found out I have to clan chiefs for one clan. What? Yeah, and notes on all kinds of paper bits and all disorganized and maddening…not like a writer at all. (laughs and whimpers at the same time)

I am going to attempt to put the notes (stats, who is who, maps, etc.) all in one place. I did it with Night so it might work for this, too. Except it will cover three books, eventually, and not just one. Oh, and it will be hand written in a journal. Yes, I like to write long hand…shut up!

And next week I am having two teeth pulled so you know there won’t be much writing done next week, depending how I feel. Time will tell!

And now the holidays are coming up and work is going to be crazy and all the usual mayhem (mostly in my head, or course) will be running amok.

Wait, can you mayhem and run amok at the same time? hmmm…

So the basic points are these…

Not much writing but I’m going to organize the story of book one (which is the base for book two and book three) to get all the facts and peoples in one place. Yes, long hand in a journal because it makes me feel good to write long hand.

Hey, when I first started writing they didn’t have computers so shut up!

I will keep you posted of the organization and update you what is going on. If I had stayed on schedule I would have a short story completed but the mysterious sickness waylaid me so that didn’t happen.

I do have it started but suffered from writery interruptous so its not finished.

Read ya later!

book one

Posted: October 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Book one is a hot mess….seriously. And I have no idea how it got this bad.

I made an appointment with Book One to get it all sorted and it is going to take more than one day. Understand, this is a book I thought I had a first draft finished.


It was just sitting there in all its mess and I’m thinking the first draft is finished while I started Book Two. Whoa…

So I’m sorting files on the computer and finding a lot of redundancies that I am deleting. And the hard copies have to be sorted, too, because there is more than one copy of the chapters I do have on hard copy.

Speaking of which, I had begun to put it together in what I call a beta copy (no, I do not know why I call it that, shut up) and decided, just today, to print the beta copy off so I can get a visual. I’m old and us old folks have to hold the hard copies in our hot little hands.

Shut up!

I also found my play and it really sucks, but I may be able to save it, or at least get an idea on how to salvage the idea, anyway.

And threw away a bunch of stuff from my Dungeon and Dragons days. I do have some neato (I’m old remember) characters so I am going to revise them eventually. And I wrote some notes on some older stories (real old, like  in the ’90s old) to see how I can revise them.

But Book One will have to have an outline finished, a list of characters and who they are to everyone else, and an ending. I have a beginning and a middle but no ending.

Told you it was a hot mess!

But I am making appointments with my writing so I can work on what I need to do on specific days. It will be interesting how well I keep to the schedule. Yes?

Read ya later!