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Dracernian: The Summons

Posted: May 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

I did it. I put part of a novel I have been working on. It’s out there is all it’s glory, for good or for bad.

You can find it here:

It’s only the first chapter and this is a second draft so I know it needs a lot of work. But I wanted the world to see my child.

I hope, one day, to see my beauties fly on the movie screen. They are awesome to watch!

And I’m pretty sure my first book, of whatever story I decide to publish first, by self publishing. No, I don’t know the first thing about self publish but I figure I can sure as heck learn.

So this is good news and um, good news.

NO, the other chapter it STILL not finished. Leave me alone!

but I am writing so I’m happy with that….

Still want to finish that first draft but ya know…..

Read ya later!



Yeah, still not writing…I thought I could give it up. Go cold turkey and just STOP…but it don’t work that way.

I wonder if there is a support group…writers anonymous? WA?

What would those twelve steps be like, I wonder? Maybe I should write them just for fun? Oooo…I like that idea.

But I have decided that since I can’t stop writing I’m just gonna write for me. Finish my first drafts, maybe get a writing gig (to hedge my retirement later), and just work on my stories until they shine. Then I might, MIGHT, let someone read one of them.

Whether I publish them or not is another topic entirely…we will see. But I might have a new pen name…assuming I publish.

I am glad I sent that draft off to an editor, but I thought I was a better writer than the editor said I was…not that they said I sucked….just that I needed to work at it more. Read it out loud and a some other things. And it was only the second draft, not polished at all…

So wah wah wah and blah blah blah…get over yourself already, inner writer. You are bringing the rest of us down. And the next time I set a suspense date for a finish you will not be told.

Writer’s block….hello darkness, my old friend.

I will be back to writing…Grant and Agatha want to kill more things and I won’t write their story until I finish Fernando’s story.

There you have the updates to my, uh, updates. I will continue to write.

Whether I will call myself a writer, well, that’s a whole different matter.

Read ya later!

P.S. I seem to be doing this ….. a lot more. Now I have this …. and this ! WTH?

haven’t written but….

Posted: May 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

I haven’t written since I decided to not be a writer but…

I know how the battle is going to go…and I renamed the commander….


Even when I quit writing I don’t get a break from writing. WTF?


In other news….there is no other news…. except I’m watching my neighbor’s cats for her while she is gone and she paid me this time. Hey, I don’t refuse money…you say you will pay me, sure, okay by me. And it’s not even hard…

I get my kitty on, which I really needed today because it was a rough day, and make some extra cash. Um, assuming the check doesn’t bounce LOL

Wait, do I have to claim it on my taxes now? whoooaaaahhhh…

No, wait, I think it has to be a certain amount and this isn’t. Whew!

But I could open a doggie day care in my home when I retire…maybe. I dunno if I want to be confined to my house, or their house, watching other people’s animals. Would be more fun than watching kids, though. But I shouldn’t have to work once I retire unless I really wanted to…and I want to travel.

But my friend, hello darkness, is still with me. I may have to charge it rent if this keeps up. Geez!

I’m in a place right now about my writing. Hello darkness, my old friend. I think it’s pretty common among creative types, to fall deep into the pit of despair….

Where have I heard ‘pit of despair’ before? Princess Bride?

But at this moment….in my pit of despair, I have decided I am NOT a writer.

Oh, I will continue to write, for to not write would surely lead to madness and I’m already half way there. Um, depending on your definitions of madness and how many levels to madness, much like hell (7?), there actually are.

Maybe a quarter way to madness? What qualifies as madness, anyway?

But I don’t know if it was the editorial letter, or my own insecurities, or even actually reading the drivel I call ‘my writing’, but I’m not a writer anymore.

And my stories may never be read by anyone. Uh, except for the one person who read the second draft of the twins….but I’m just not going talk about it anymore and just be.

And even though two professional writers, who read two different stories ( not the one the hired editor read), both said I was a good writer….they must have been mistaken. If they had read the twins they might have told me I was wasting my time, after all.

So, I’m here, feeling sorry for myself, and I don’t know why…in my pit of despair…and for the moment I will be here with my darkness, my old friend.

Read ya later!

…it went a little like this….

Inner writer panicked again. I tried telling her that the deadline was only penciled in and we can always move it to a later date than June 15, but it didn’t work and she full out had an anxiety attack and locked herself in her room.

Yeah, I thought when she was in her room things calmed down, and they did, but inner editor came out and first thing I know we’re going over notes and diagrams and names…

Get this! I’ve written this one character with three different spellings of his name. THREE! WTF?

but, anyway…

So nothing really got written, per se. Yeah, I changed that name to the original name and I wrote some notes…



And I can’t get inner writer out of her room and inner editor, who is very argumentative by the way, into her room.

And 15 refuses to be writen no matter how many times I sit down to write it, it refuses to be written. I thought I’d try to write 16 and that’s when the words hit the fan. They most assuredly did not hit the page.

Inner writer froze in panic then lost it in anxiety and hid in her room. Then inner editor gave me heck all afternoon and nothing new got done.


DABNABIT I want this draft completed and done and finished and ended…..DAMMIT!

Read ya later!


I set the date (in pencil)

Posted: April 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

I have five more chapters to write and the first draft of Fernando will be finished. I have also set a date to complete the first draft…June 15.

That gives me 7ishy weeks to finish the five chapters…I can do this….breathe.

Sorry, inner writer is freaking out right now and I’m trying to shove her back in her room so she will calm down. Kind of like when you cover the eyes of a animal so it calms down. I almost have her all the way in her room, now.

I had to start thinking I penciled a date in to complete the first draft, so she would stop screaming in panic. Penciling in means, at least to me, yeah I have a date, but it’s not set in stone yet so it can be changed…

But…I have to do something. Nothing is getting done.

And I think I’ve figured out inner writer’s and inner editor’s tricks now, all I have to do is be aware when they are trying to distract me. ooohh look, shiny.

The nest is gone (my blanky and pillow set up on the sofa where I would take naps and stay forever) and I plan on going back to the gym. All the science points out the fact that exercising and losing weight gives you more energy. That doesn’t make sense to me, you’d think that exercising would make you more tired, but science does not lie.

And the first day of no nest was awful. Okay, yeah, I did take a nap on the sofa but with a sofa pillow and a lap rug just like a normal person. And it is the weekend. AND I finished chapter fourteen, leave mealone!

My beta reader, and one of my best friends, came over yesterday with my Fernando manuscript and we discussed it before we went shopping. She is an avid reader and I trust her to tell me the truth. That’s why I gave it to her.

She LIKED IT! Yesss….

Oh, she had comments, which was what I wanted. But she LIKED IT! yesssss….

And she said basically the same thing the editor said but she also said, when she read the editorial letter, that it was like the editor didn’t completely read it through . I dunno, I’ve never sent anything off to an editor so I dunno. But there are a lot of editors so I can always hire another one…um…once I revise and polish it up. I have no date set on that yet. But I have the editors editorial letter with a lot of good suggestions, and my reader’s suggestions, so I will have something to work with during the MAJOR REVISION.

Sending something off the an editor was a really, really, big step for me. I’ve never done that before and I learned a lot from the experience.

My plan was to send off book two manuscript to the editor and give a copy to my beta reader. While I waited for feedback I would work on Fernando and try to finish that draft off before I got the feedback. That didn’t work, the draft is not complete but I blame the nesting. Um, and the lack of energy, for not finishing it. Once I start exercising (I’m not EVEN going to write the word dieting….DAMMIT) then I will get more energy.

That’s theory of course. But I have a date set for finishing the first draft of Fernando. Moving forward…

Read ya later!

fourteen is finished

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

It was hard because they tricked me, but I finished chapter fourteen.

Yeah, they be sneaky. Let me break it down for you:

By this time I’m just fed up with fourteenfth. Come ON put them together and make one chapter. And that’s what I finally did once I realized they had ganged up on me and distracted me.

First of all, I don’t know what’s up with inner writer but the biatch is afraid to write. Why? I don’t know why?

But when she starts to freak out because we are going to write she gets inner editor, who has been obsessing over the pony, GAH, and wants it out NOW, so inner writer distracts me enough…oh look shiny…and lets inner editor out who immediately goes to chapter two, WHICH.HAS.BEEN.FORBIDDEN…..until the first draft is finished, and begins to delete chapters and rewrite bits.

What? *sigh*

So I finally send inner editor to her room and yell at inner writer to shut UP already and write the frickin chapter. And I have to stand over her with my arms crossed and foot tapping until the chapter is finished. Then I make her go to HER room.

Chapter fourteen is finished, and now the pony is almost gone, but I am really glad no one called Sybil. OHEMGEE

If she had come out of her room some closet, or something like the garage, would be re-organized.

But I did put a date to finish the first draft. June 15th I will finish the first draft of Fernando. There, its in print so I can’t go back on it.

And my beta reader and friend is coming over tomorrow and we are going to talk about Book Two. I finally got the editorial letter out and read some of it. And while it made me cringe a little it wasn’t as bad as the last time I read it. But I wont be sending anything to anyone until I am sure, SURE, that its okay. I had sent the second draft to the editor and we all know that the second draft is crap, too.

Okay, I have a schedule for Fernando so let’s see what happens.

Read ya later!