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Chapter twelve is finished, finally. I got (yes I did mean to say ‘I got’) distracted first by army and then the love story, er, short story, and then the blog speech and the mind vomited essay, which I still have to finish and revise.

Sometimes, in the process of writing, stories and ideas will pop into your head and sidetrack you. Though I knew this I am still having difficulties staying on track….at times. I was doing really well there for a while until the army took over and off I went. *sigh*

Sometimes I feel as if I live with a two year old I can’t take anywhere because they are off and running, first in one direction then another. I don’t know if it’s because I am so creative or maybe I am a trifle attention deficient, even though I have never been diagnosed such. I do remember always getting in trouble at school for day dreaming but I never disrupted class or anything so is that the same thing?

Do I really care at this stage in my life? I’m a respectable(stop laughing), fully functional and self supporting member of society.

So what if I do imagine ways to kill people or skin them? All research, I swear, it’s all research.

But I finished twelve finally and at 2232 words. But now the queen has shown up and she is really ticked off. And Fernando just went ‘poof’ and disappeared right in front of Archie’s eyes, which kinda freaked out the gargoyle. Have you ever seen a freaked out gargoyle? Yeah, its scary and they’re scary even on a good day.

On to chapter thirteen and see what happens between Fernando and his biological mother. See, he kinda claimed the throne being the actual heir to the throne and not his younger brother who, um, has been placed in “protective custody” for now.

Going to get really interesting between the two magic users. Let’s find out who will win out on the magical duel they most assuredly will have in chapter thirteen.

And I have a love story to tell, too. Oh it won’t be in the book, but a short story in first person.

And I found the beginnings of another story in first person that I don’t remember but its something to do about a sorcerer.


Sometime next year I will also be speaking about blogging as a writer and writer platforms and stuff. I like stuff. I love stuff…inside joke.

I think I’m back on schedule now. I finished chapter twelve at only 787 words for the day but I edited twelve pages on the manuscript. And found glaring errors but I marked them so they can be fixed in revision.

I’m going to have start typing the revision up but I don’t want to stop my writing trend so I’m not sure how I am going to do it. Maybe the same way I am writing now but it will be 1000 words a day on present WIP, editing at least 10 pages on finished first draft of another WIP, and begin revising the first draft by 5 or 10 page count? Think that will work? hmmm…

Okay, off I go to twitter and Facebook. Building a writer platform, I am!

Read ya later!




chapter twelve

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Yep, still working on chapter twelve of Fernando. And yep, I did get mucked down into the weeds with the army thing like I said in the last blog, the coup. Go read it, you’ll see much whining.

So I’m still on twelve, getting stuck takes time, and the commander and her generals are still taking out the nobles and merchants loyal to the queen.

And my gods the commander has a lot of troops all over the country. A total of 1,257,500 with 25 brigades with each brigade having 50,000 foot soldiers, 100 cavalry, and 20 assassins. That’s just in one brigade, multiply that by 25.

Yeah, a lot of troops.

And don’t worry about the word ‘assassins’. Uh, yeah, they do, um, special stuff but I don’t want to get into it here. Too public, if you know what I mean.

And Fernando has not faced down the queen yet but he will. She is going to be freaked out when they do because she sent him a nasty trying to kill him but it backfired and made him stronger. Yeah, I gotta remember to go back to that chapter and add some things.

But I wrote 967 words, not my quota but close. And edited 13 pages of the other book. I got caught up the story, geez. But that’s a good thing, right?

Oh, and I put more of the other book together so its not completely fricked up but I still have a lot of work to do on it.

And Grant has been asking about me but I’m trying to ignore him the best I can so I don’t go back to his story and get all squirreled again.

I need to get back to writing and keep going. I was doing so well there for a long time until the army incidence, but I have enough of that written out in notes and calculations so I think I’m good for now.

But now I have an essay begging to be written and submitted to a place. So I might have to get that out of my system so I don’t go completely bonkers.

GODS! I hate it when that twitch begins. It makes me cranky and crazy. Believe me, I don’t need help in that area of my life.

Read ya later!

the coup

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I started chapter twelve a few days ago, and was doing pretty good, until I got to the part where the military gets involved. It occurred to me that I hadn’t worked out how big of an army the commander does have, for one. Where they are all stationed, for two. And for three, what comprises an army?

Yes, I am an Army veteran but this does not help me because my job was communication and not logistics.

So on to Google I go (I LOVE GOOGLE) to find out what does indeed, make up an army. I have assassins and special, other forces, so I have to figure out where they go.

The assassins will be sent out first, to take out key people, and then the special forces, and the squads of troops. But this all has to happen in four different districts with no modern ways of communicating with each other. My world is a high fantasy world so communication, except for the magical stuff, is not as easy as it is in an urban fantasy world. Yes, there is a big difference between urban and high fantasy. Go look it up on Google (I LOVE GOOGLE!)

After some research I have realized that I will definitely have to map it out on graph paper and decided how many troops, what kind of troops, titles and names of the troops, etc.

You see how I got all complicatedly? Yeah, you can thank Sybil (my OCD) for that and my love of research. I love research, uh, until I get bored and find out just enough to fulfill my research and then move on to something else.

Needless to say, but Imma gonna anyway, I have enough information from Google (I LOVE GOOGLE) to map it all out and station the troops in the places they need to be stationed, set up a communication system (I’m thinking hawks or something unless I throw in some magic user type).

So not so much writing but a lot of Googling (I LOVE GOOGLE)!

I also created a twitter account for Central Indiana Writers’ Association. We have a meeting Saturday and I am on the agenda for Loretta on line and Loretta’s vision. Nope, haven’t a clue but on line will require a twitter account and a linkedin account. We have a webpage (I cheated and used a Word Press template), but  I am not a computer whiz. What I do know is some HTML and that’s about it.

Our webpage is here if you want to check it out.

So I’m not exactly writing but I’m plotting out chapter eleven. I will get back on track after this. And I want to go back to chapter ten because I think I can add more to it. Yes?

Read ya later!


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I know I wanted to focus on just one story and finish it but other stories are bugging me to be heard. Do I ignore them and just slowly go crazy or pay attention, put the present story on hold, and pick up the one that is bugging me the most?

What a quandary, eh?

Actually, if I really wanted to look at it this way, I am working on two stories at the same time, anyway. One, I’m writing the first draft, and two, editing the first finished draft of a completely different story.

And no, I am not getting them mixed up. How could I? They are completely different people with completely different plots.

Shut up Sybil (OCD me), NO I will not look to make sure they are completely different plots! Geez!

But as I am writing this I came to the decision to look at the other story that has been bugging me and try to get it in some kind of order. Like I have the others in, what I call, the beta version.

Oh, and I finished chapter eleven (see previous blog post) and though it is rough I think the scene I was thinking is going work. There are some logistics I need to iron out, but all in all I think the scene will work. Um, once I rewrite it in rewrites. And I got some good ideas on how the queen will die. So it was productive.

I continue to tweet and I need to work on the Wattpad chapters and revise them before I add the second chapters.

I am still determined to take a completed manuscript to next years writers conference so I need to either finish the first draft or finish the first edits and revision and then find an editor to assist me in getting a work polished before finding an agent.

At least that is the plan for now.

Read ya later!



the scene

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I started chapter eleven last night but didn’t finish it. The scene in my head wasn’t working so I just wrapped it up for the night.


Today, when I was supposed to be working so shhhhh, I thought of the perfect part that I want to portray. I need to find some descriptive words to describe what I am seeing and all the while I was driving around, after work, doing errands I could see the beast destroying different things.

Like the car in front of me at the stop light. What would it look like when the beast attacked? Or the tall trees in the yards? I could see that even if the beast is not as tall as the trees it would still destroy it because what it would do to the part it could reach would not only kill the high parts but also the roots. The roots, massive as they are, would die and wither away.

It was pretty awesome to watch the thing in action. No worries, it didn’t get any people. Well, except for the guy in the car in front of me at the stop light but I will spare you the gruesomeness. Besides, I already knows what happens when the beast attacks a person. I wrote a short story about it and which earned me $25. yesss….

As I have no plans, yet, for the weekend (yeah I’m surprised,too) I will be spending my time between writing, yard work, and editing.

Speaking of which, it occurred to me that I will have to rewrite the manuscript DOH once I’m done with the first write ups. For some reason I didn’t think about it until today. And I’ve been doing the write ups all week. What?

And I am still looking for a writing job to fill in gaps in my retirement finances…still not sure how much I will have to retire on, yet…..so a regular writing gig would be awesome. I want to add to my writing resume and credits anyway.

I do have background extra and some kind of producer in my credits now. Yeah, that did happen. I got a copy of the movie and saw me and saw my name in the movie credits. Mark that off my bucket list.

Oh, if you know anyone who is looking for a background extra who works for food and cheap pay let me know. I did it for the experience mostly. I have never seen a movie shot before. Pretty cool stuff!

Anyway, I’m tweeting, wattpadding, blogging, and all manner of things to get me out there in the universe and my name out so when I start publishing people will go,

“Hey, wasn’t that the chick who said she was a background extra and who writes some great fantasy stuff that actually sold?”

Yeah, that will be what they say.

Read ya later!

chapter ten already?

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I just finished chapter nine and getting ready to write chapter ten. I can’t believe I’m at ten already. So the got me to wondering what else could be up besides writing every day and I went back and did a word count on each chapter. Wow!

My highest word count is 3205 and the lowest is 1518. Now I know why this one is writing so fast. Low word count.

Okay, I get that the chapter decides the word count and the writing of it is done when the writing of it is done BUT I feel it’s not enough words. What’s up with that? Is this a novella and not a novel after all? And if that is true can I live with that?

I want to be a novelist, not a novellaist. Wait, is that even a word?

My completed manuscript, and the one I am editing while I am writing this other story, has 72,174 words and 266 pages. That’s 266 double spaced pages at 12 point Times New Roman. And it’s not really finished like I thought it was at first.

In comparison, there are 76,944 words in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but that is a completed fully edited novel. And  a YA novel. I don’t think my novels are YA.

Say young adult one more time.

Oh, sorry, flash back to my buddy from the writer conference where we met. She got tired of hearing young adult novel. Every time she heard it she would say, Say young adult one more time! Then I’d crack up. She is a funny lady.

But to get back to my book…how many words per chapter should it be? And considering that during the editing I will probably lose 10% of those words, it is not looking good.

I think I will continue to just plug away and finish it and see what happens.

Oh, and if you get the chance take a look at the two chapter of some other works I’m working on working on..what?…and let me know what you think.

You can find them here: chapters needing a read  and let me know what you think.


And I’m doing the twitter thing, too, so if you want to see me twitter you can catch me here me twittering

Read ya later!

chapter nine of Fernando

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Yeah, I’ve been writing about Fernando. It was the novel I decided to focus, writingly wise anyway. For the editing I only have the one manuscript, of over two hundred pages, of another book so I am doing the first edit of that and keeping track of how much I am writing/editing.

And I still don’t like chapter eight but I’m leaving it for now. Chapter nine is flowing well but I think I have too much description in it. I will work on that when it is in its first rewrite.

Now I’m on chapter nine and Fernando meets the commander. They have to convince her to be on their side. Should be interesting. Good thing she doesn’t like the queen, not that would make any difference to the commander. She is loyal to the throne, not the person on the throne. Um, except when Gregor was still king. The commander was loyal to him and the throne. But that is for another story. ooo maybe I will write that story, too.

In other news, I put two chapters on Wattpad, of two different chapters. Well, actually they are the first chapters of the two books, just different books. I want opinions so I am going to put them out there and see what people think. Does it catch the interest? Do they want to read more. That kind of thing.

And I can add more chapters and revise the chapters. I need to get the stories out there, seriously.  I am going to twitter them and see if anyone cares to read them.

Okay, I’m back, all twittered.

And on September 2 I am meeting with the Central Indiana Writers’ Organization board to get the latest and what they want to see on the site.

Here it is at CIWA. Take a look and let me know what you think.

So I am writing but I lost my momentum, but as long as I keep writing I am happy. That demon on my back is a biatch and writing keeps it to a little whine and not a mighty roar that wants to rip off someone’s head off. The feeling is similar to someone who smokes but ran out of cigs. That feeling! I get real grouchy if I don’t write. Weird, huh?

Actually, it’s not weird at all according to all the writers I have talked to over the years. They get the same way.

Writing is my drug and I am addicted. I couldn’t stop writing even if those two professional writers had told me I was not talented. I would still write if only for me.

I do need to write for one person, though. They both said that and so does Stephen King. Find one person to write for and write for them. That will help keep the story real. Good advice.

Read ya later!