chapter 14teenthfif

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Chapter 14 and 15 are too similar for me NOT to combine them so I will, but it’s a mess trying to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of…except for mention of the pony.

Anytime your King pops out of a discussion on court matters and the nation’s safety all because he forgot about his pony…yeah time to get rid of the darn thing. The pony did nothing but eat and smirk anyway. Added nothing to the story…so out it goes.

But now I have to put 14 and 15 together and I am not sure if it will work without ripping them both apart and starting over. I might just have to go out somewhere, with my two chapters, and see if I can do something with them. GAH!

In other news…nothing. I’m stuck until 14teenthfif is fixed.

I have managed to write a better outline of the last few chapters though I will have to pad the last one pretty good. There is more that happens in the chapter that I don’t think I’ve captured well enough.

And I will be glad when this first draft is finished. GAH!

Then I can work on Night and Book Two.

Book Two is making my eye twitch. It’s going to be a major over haul. MAJOR overhaul of the entire thing. And I need to work on my old ones with a better back story of them and the tunnel system.

I suddenly put my characters in a tunnel system looking for bad guys. Do I want to keep the tunnel system? I dunno….that’s where the MAJOR overhaul comes into play.

A woman and her twins are going to be wiped out of existence, just like the pony in Fernando. I’m not sure how I feel about that….the twins could have been book four. Maybe. I dunno yet!

So I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do about it yet. But Imma thinking so who knows what madness I will come up with, anyway.

I already have a race of vampires that live in a sun that is really a spaceship and they die at night time instead of the day time. No more on that subject…yet, and this site is copyrighted so keep off my sunny vamps.

Read ya later!


inner writer biatch

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I’ve been feeling sorry for myself almost all day and I think I know why. My inner writer is at it again.

The reason I think it’s that inner writer whiny biatch because I told her we were going to finish chapter fifteen and chapter sixteen and she almost went into full panic attack with the heart palpitation-heavy breathing-gasping for air panic.

She said it was too much and was overwhelming her so I relented (only because I knew NOTHING would get written) and told her that we would only finish chapter fifteen. And we did…finish it….but I um, started chapter sixteen when she wasn’t looking. I threw a cookie and told her to get it and when she left I took out a small part of fifteen and started sixteen with it. By the time she got back it was over and I don’t think she noticed.

I do wonder what she will do when I take the pony out. No, not like kill-take out the pony, but like completely take him out as if he didn’t exist. I don’t think he would notice, the way he eats all the time, anyway.

Inner writer might notice. hmmm…will have to cross that anxiety when I come to it.

But now inner writer is on her ISUCKISUCKISUCKISUCKISUCK…ad nauseam…

And it’s bringing me down. And I think she’s harping on the editorial letter AGAIN.


That letter is what I wanted, dammit. And book two may not be my break out novel anyway. The first book might have made it if I had a complete manuscript. Which I don’t though I thought I did, but I don’t! At least not yet!

But I am wondering what do I write? MG? YA?

According to the editor book two is middle grade. What do I know? I’m only a writer, I know nothing.

But Fernando will work as a MG if I have to change his age. He is kinda young acting but I thought it was because he lived in isolation most of his life until his book started and he got dragged out into the world to kill…Ooopps. Nevermind!

But maybe he is 10 or 15? hmmm

And as for this whole ISUCK thing, lookit. I had two, different, professional full time writers tell me that I am a good writer. At two different times on two different stories.

Uh, and neither of those stories were book two…sooo

I am a writer, therefore I am. And I am a good writer no matter what inner writer wants to whine about.

AND chapter fifteen is finished. It sucks, and I have to go back and rewrite the pony out of the book, but fifteen is finished until I revise the first draft. Yessss…….

Read ya later!

the plan

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I haven’t looked at the editorial letter since last week, March 28, when I was moping around and whining about it. See the post before this one…

Then I printed off the manuscript again (because my reader has the original second draft) and put the manuscript and the letter in a box. I couldn’t deal with it at the time.

Now that I have put my big girl panties on, again, I’m ready to deal with it. I may have to tear it apart but I’m ready to do something.

The first thing I need to do is figure out what is the plot, what is it about? Why write it to begin with? Then take the letter and go through each thing and figure out what I want to do with them.

Another thing I want to do is finish the first draft of Fernando. Seriously! I am so close, only five or six chapters and the first draft will be done.

There is more I want to do but I’m not going to put them here right now. Too much and I overwhelm myself and then I won’t do anything.

So the plan is this:

First, finish the first draft of Fernando and put in a box to rest.

Then secondly, take out book two, along with its letter, and begin working on rewrites. Or bonfires, whichever comes first.

At least I have a plan and I don’t feel sorry for myself. I am a good writer, I just need to write good and become a better writer.

Read ya later!

I received the editorial letter, from the editor I had hired for book two, last night. And I knew two things before I read it.

One, I paid someone to professionally read book two and edit it, and two, I wanted an honest to gawd reaction and review of the book.

I think I got my money’s worth.

But book two is crap, at least for now. The story idea has promise but it’s going to take major revisions to get it where it needs to be, which is publishable and sellable.

Right now it’s crap! I still have to wait for the reader to get back to me which is exciting. Someone, though a best friend, who has never read anything I have written and who loves to read, is beta reading it for me. And I told her I wanted the truth, what she really thought about it from a reader point of view.

Getting back to the letter…

The editor did their job alright, and yeah, I am bummed out about it, but to be a better writer I need to know where my f*ck ups are and how to fix them. The editor gave me character problems, plot problems, and world building problem…with some ideas on how to improve them.

Book two is going to take a major revision. When? I don’t know right now.

To be honest I’m not sure I want to spend any more time on it. Not really sure…and I knew it was a mess…hence the editor.

But there are two things I am proud of….

One, I finished a book. A friend had to remind me that most people don’t even finish a book.

But…..I finally, after all these years, finished a mutha fracking book.

Two, I got my cajones up and sent it off to an editor. I actually hired a professional editor to tell me where I fracked up. I mean, yeah, getting the letter was like one big freakin rejection letter (and if you have ever sent something in to be published but got rejected you know exactly how I feel) but I.HIRED.AN.EDITOR.


Yeah, I am bummed out but Imma pretty sure it’s a writer thing to be bummed out and the editor did tell me the book “…has a whole lot of potential…” There was more but my writery mind stuck to those six words, especially “potential”. Imma pathetic, I take what I can get.

But I think I’m going to focus on Fernando. and right now I’m on chapter fifteen, and a new chapter popped up so I’m adding another chapter to the book. I may have to shift some chapters around, but that’s okay. I am half way finished with this book.

That will be two COMPLETED manuscripts!

Yeah, it will suck, also, but it will be FINISHED.



And then I want to finish Grant and Agatha’s story…that would be three books finished.

NO worries, either. I have stories that I haven’t even started, yet. Yesss….

Read ya later!

guess what?

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Guess what? Fourteen is finished…omg….and it took a hippogriff to get it done. Well, I assume it was the addition of a hippogriff that did it.

To be honest I don’t care as long as chapter fourteen is finished so I can move on.

Yes, yes, I’m quite aware of the fact that I could have written the next chapter, or any of them for that matter, with out finishing fourteen. But I couldn’t and I didn’t…I let it stew in my mind until it became more clear. And adding the hippogriff seemed to work.

The words just kept flowing through my fingers to the keyboard. It was almost mystical, whoa.

Wow, I feel so much better now, too. Like someone popped a cork off of a bottle of shaken bottle of champagne. The pressure has been released.

Onto chapter fifteen and the invasion. Oh, don’t worry, it won’t last long. I mean, the king is a wizard, geez. What could happen if an invading army attacks a wizard and his country?

Exactly! Besides, he has a new pet he can let loose to go play with the invaders. Won’t that be fun? You betcha!

I’m writing again and I feel much better. Maybe I will work on Grix again, too. Yes, I know I said it was finished but I want to add more to it. Maybe make it a bigger short story.

Wait, can you do that? Make a short story bigger? Would it still be a short story if it was bigger? Whoa!

Okay, enough for now, but I just had to share, I got all excited. Chapter fourteen is finished!


Read ya later!

Chapter fourteen is refusing to cooperate. I sit and write, maybe, 50 words and then nothing. It’s really pissing me off.

I want to get this first draft written and done. Finito! Put away and forgotten for a minute! But I can’t until fourteen is finished with it’s PART of the NOVEL!

No, I’m not yelling at you. I’m yelling at chapter fourteen! GAH

In chapter fifteen I have an invasion happening so maybe I skip fourteen and jump to fifteen. Or even sixteen. It’s not like they have to be written in order as long as they are WRITTEN.

Sorry, that was at fourteen, too. It’s frustrating when you have the story in your head but when you sit down, and I have tried computer and long hand, and it DOES.NOT.WRITE!

I’m just going to have to write the others and come back to fourteen later. GAH

In other news my demon short story needs a rewrite, which I totally forgot about, and my other short has been revised. Actually, two shorts have been revised. One is now 748 words and the other is 3071 words. A big reduction in word count from when they started.  Now I have to find a market for them and get them published.

And I have paid the editor for the first round of edits and just waiting for the word to send the manuscript. I was early in sending the fee but I have a schedule of paying all my outgoing monies twice a month, except for emergencies. But I’m sure I will get an email with instructions on when, and how, to send the manuscript.

I also need to figure out when I want to ask my reader if they have finished the manuscript. I’m a fast reader but a lot of people read slowly and I want to give her plenty of time and not freak her out.

Amazingly, it has not really bothered me about when my reader will get back to me on what they think. Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

I have been twittering lately, actually a LOT, and I’m showing some interest in keeping the blog going and the writers website up to date. Not sure I should be worried or really happy about it. I’m usually slacking in both cases.

So, to cap this post off…

Short stories revised with one other needed another go around. Chapter fourteen being a butthead. And the writers association website is updated. I need to find more contests but I put one from the writer digest annual contest on the contest page. I may even enter it!

Read ya later!

it’s all writery

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I may not be “writing”, per se, but it is writery. See?forblog

So while it is not writing on the book it is writing related to, um, the association’s website and other stuff related to writery, uh, stuff. Yeah, that!

And I can’t find chapter sixteen AND I don’t like the way it’s going. It’s not in the correct order of events….I think. For one thing, I can’t kill the bad guy(s) off too quick or there won’t be much plot, even if I did come up with more plot. Oooooo…

I’m going to have to take it apart and reorganize it and that is going to put me way back. I’m not sure that is a bad thing or a good thing. But since this is only my “hobby” I guess it’s okay.

Yeah, someone called it my hobby at work, my writing. They seem to think it’s cool that I write (they keep brining it up whenever we talk alone) but I’m not sure if they take me seriously. There are a lot of political crap at my job so who knows…..I do know you can’t believe anything anyone says there. Just the nature of the beast.

But calling it my hobby kind of stung a little, but they may be right. Once I thought about it somewhat I guess it is a hobby.

Do I consider myself a writer? Yes. Do I consider myself a full time writer? No, because I have a full time job that has nothing to do with writing. Report writing does not count, unless I throw in a dragon or some magic casting (I write fantasy). And most days I don’t write on any of my novels. And I have files and papers and notes on all kinds of short stories and novels.

And am I supporting myself as a writer? Good gods no, I’d starve to death.

I guess I am a part time writer who is only doing it for….what am I doing it for? hmm…

In other news, my short story was rejected almost within the hour I submitted it. They were polite about it and said, “unfortunately your story isn’t quite what we’re looking for right now.” Is that standard format for ‘YOU SUCK”?

No, I’m not sensitive about my writing at ALL. *snort*

But now I’m trying to think of ways to attract more people to our writer’s organization. Come up with ideas on what to put on the website to bring in more people.

I’m leaning toward writing classes of sorts..tons of places I can get articles from..I read them myself. And of course we would give those places mention on our site and get permission first.

I don’t know yet, but I will bring it up to the board members at our next meeting this month. I had to write a webmaster report…what ever the heck that is.

Read ya later!