decisions, decisions

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I made the decision to stop writing on the WIPs and finish the first revision of a manuscript. If I want a completed manuscript for next year’s MWW I need to finish it and since book two is finished, more or less, in the rough draft, I’m going to work on the first revision so it can sit and cook for a few months. Then I can do a second, really take a hard look, revision and see what I need to do with it to get it polished. Hiring an editor, even though I am an editor, is not out of the question at the moment.

But first I have to do a first revision, fill in plot holes, and basically give a good going over, taking notes and such as I go along.

Then I can work on the other two, major, WIPs and some shorts.

Did I tell you I found all my novels? Yes, I found them in hard copy and the soft copies…and they are pathetic. I was surprised how old they were, really.

And crappy, of course, though I still like the stories. So I have those waiting in the wings of this crazy writery life stage.

Should I keep track of how many pages I finish revising or just plow through it and forget about a count?

I think I will just plow through it, there is a LOT to do, and only count time and word count when I write something on one of my other stories.

As any writer will tell you, you think you have it all planned out and can get it finished…the one you are working on at the time…..and BAM! A story, or character, pops out of thin air and demands immediate attention. I am not kidding! THIN.AIR!

It’s maddening, and the only thing you can do is stop, write down some particulars, and just hope the story , or character, will leave you in peace so you can finish what you were doing.

Of course they never do, for long.


In other news, I am on vacation and going to see what I can about what it would be to pretend I am retired from my day job and see what it would be like to only have to write my stories.

That must be amazing! Just nothing but write…well, at least until you get the agent and blah, blah, blah….so forth. I try not to think about that….much.

But writing and contracts and book signings and panels and conferences and stuff all writery blows my mind….so I try not to think about it, though I know it’s coming, eventually.

I will try and just see what it’s like to have all day to write instead of only the few hours before I have to go to bed so I can get up and get back to the job world the next day.

And this weekend I am going with my kids to a cabin for the weekend. Fun times ahead, I tell you. And yes, I will be bringing my writing. Duh!

Okay, so I made my decision and just hope I can get this project looking pretty good by the time I’m finished. From what I have been reading so far it’s a good story. It grabbed me a couple of times and I’m the writer.

Read ya later!


Yeah, I had to make an appointment with book one, it’s that messed up. I gots people being born who aren’t even born yet, people fighting people but in the wrong chapter before anything happens, and the list goes on. WTH??

And I keep forgetting the holy frickin mess book one is in and pick it up thinking I can just put it all together with no problem.


And this is causing me to not write productively because I waste so much time trying to make sense of it.

So I came up with the brilliant idea to take one day out of the month and do nothing but work on book one. That will be the only time I touch it. The rest of the month will be the usual projects, one I am almost finished with, by the way.

Oh, yeah, but I have two new ideas and story starts. GAH!

This writing thing is crazy talk. Down and out crazy talk!

The one story I was working on with great advances pooped out on me, two new stories show up, one with two main characters and one without any at all, yet.

And still the two novels in the works and the one manuscript to finish editing so I can revise it. I use a two method way of revision, right or wrong, it’s the way I revise.

I red pen the changes on the typed hard copy and then go back and retype it…oh wait…if I type the revised copy that will be more paper to print off.

But, but, but…I work better with a hard copy.   😦

I may just man, er, woman up and print it off anyway. The trees are already dead anyway, right?

So that’s where I am now so I will keep you posted and let you know how that appointment idea works out. My first appointment with book one is October 22, 2017. It’s a Sunday, which is one of the reasons I picked it, and I can spend all day doing nothing but book one.

Yeah, we will see how that works out.

Read ya later!

I tried but….

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I’m going to have to work on one of my other novels because the one I was working on, and doing pretty good at it for a while, just petered out. Well, not the story itself, it’s all still there, and I haven’t lost interest in it because I cannot wait to see all the things that are going to happen, but….it just petered out. I lost my momentum.

So I’m going to work on another one and see if I can get my momentum back. I know I can do it, it’s just being difficult, and I’m not writing. I must be one of those writers who has to have multiple novels going on at the same time.

Right now, the one I was working on is high fantasy and the other is an urban fantasy. And all the characters are different from each other so it’s not like I’m going to get them mixed up. In no way could I ever confuse Fernando with Grant. For one thing, they look completely different, so how could I mix them up?

Oh, yeah, and another thing, another character and story showed up. Well, an idea for a story…in general anyway. I wrote the beginning of it so I wouldn’t lose it but I will have to outline it and fill in the blanks. It might, actually, go with part of a story I found, that I cannot even remember, and see if I can get it written from only two viewpoints. I was thinking that I could switch POV between the two MC back and forth, and maybe even in FIRST PERSON. Oooooo…

And I tweaked the office again. I pulled out an unused file cabinet and filled it with stories that I had stored in brief cases.

No, I don’t know why I had all those stories stored in brief cases so don’t ask.

Going to start working on putting together book one and just hope I find the other chapters so I can complete it…right now it only has eleven chapters and I don’t think it’s finished yet. I will know more when I begin to put it together.

Um, I think that was more than one another thing.

Oh yeah, speaking of another thing. What, yes I was…see, up there? More than one thing…so I have another thing. Shut it!

I found a play I wrote a gabillion years ago. Seriously, a play. I had completely forgotten about it. geez

And I want to revise a short story for a contest,maybe. I was going to write a new short but it just wouldn’t come but I got some back story on some of the characters in one of the books so it’s all good.

New discoveries and old stories! yesssss……

Read ya later!

started chapter fourteen but….

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I’m excited, I finished chapter thirteen, and start chapter fourteen…..and it just, STOPS!

Like someone just slammed on the brakes and locked them. Even though I had my rough outline my fingers refused to touch the keys on the keyboard and my brain erased EVERYTHING I WAS PLANNING TO WRITE! ERASED! BLANK!


So I’m staring at the 320 words of chapter fourteen and my mind and fingers refuse to budge. If I believed in that kind of thing I would think someone put a hex or binding spell on me in that one FREAKING MOMENT when the words refuse to move forward.

Oh, wait, I do believe in that kind of thing. But how would they know I was even writing and who is it that would be mad at me or wish me harm? I know a lot of people but very few of them know I’m trying to finish a novel and the ones who do know I consider good friends, so that can’t be it.

I just don’t know. I did retype the short story I edited for a contest that I want to enter and even though it isn’t a brand new story for me I still had to be creative.

Come to think about it I was thinking about a new story I have some ideas on and couldn’t get anywhere with so maybe….nope, never mind, the story is still there I just didn’t have all my notes at the time so I was going to wait until I could get them all together at once. And I will need to do some research.

My creativity is not gone it just won’t work.

I have another project to work on and then the new idea. After that I will get back on fourteen and see what happens. I will keep you posted!

I’m just hoping the story isn’t just gone because it’s a good one.

Read ya later!

finished, chapter thirteen

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It’s mostly crap but thirteen is finished. And the queen is still alive, amazingly enough, after Fernando sent the monster to attack her. The same monster she created and sent to kill him. Yeah, that monster! She is alive but did lose the flesh off half her face and one hand and arm. Owie!

But Fernando lost two of his best friends to the fight between him and the queen. She sent them to the place I can’t tell you about yet. So now he is depressed but he is also king and has a lot to do.

I don’t feel the least bit sorry for his little brother who is in a dungeon right now, and though he has been made comfortable, as comfortable as possible in a dungeon, he is frightened for his life. He should be, the little slimy cockroach.

No, he is not a cockroach, and I probably did a disservice to the insect but I don’t like the brother. Not one bit!

So the queen is still alive, Fernando is now king, and Archie and Annalee have been killed? or have they? and gone from Fernando’s life. Or are they? You will have to wait and find out. *smirk*

I almost got the word count but quit at 966. I know, I know, that is only 34 words away from my goal but the chapter was finished. I did edit my ten pages of the manuscript. Better?

Now, since I did my word count, sorta, I’m figuring out my short story. Mapping out each character and how they relate to each other and what is going on with them.

And put the article I am working on my desk top so I can work on it. I have a lot to add to it before it’s finished.

But I’m writing, and reading, and thinking about writing, and Facebooking about writing and twittering about writing so it’s all good.

And I put the newsletter for the writers association together and sent it off yesterday. A very busy and satisfying weekend.

On to chapter fourteen. Um, eventually.

Read ya later!

chapter thirteen, well

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Yesterday I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to start chapter thirteen but gave it a go and sat in front of the blank screen. I did have a very rough outline of the things I wanted to write in thirteen but there was no starting point in my writery mind.

But, I thought to myself, I had to start somewhere so I just started typing. And guess what? By the time 35 minutes were up I had written 871 words without stopping. Wow!

That may be a world record or something. At least for me, I think I broke something or other.

Today you ask? Well today I haz diddly squat.

I worked on the writers association website and that was it. Oh, I looked at notes, and I thought about the story a lot, but nothing. Diddly squat!

Fernando threw a monster at the queen and it attacked her but then she, and her new BFF, which was trying to eat her, disappeared. Poof!

Yeah, just poof and disappeared.

Nope, I don’t even know what happened so no use asking me.

Yes, I do know I’m supposed to know, but I don’t so back off.

I’m sitting here waiting for someone, or something, to tell me a few things.

Is the queen dead? If she’s dead the story will be more boring but they can move on to the rest of the story I have roughly mapped out.

Is the queen alive? If so, where the heck is she and does she still have her BFF.

Is the BFF dead, or gone, or whatever those things do?

And when can Fernando rescue two of his friends that the queen sent somewhere bad before they get killed but he has a kingdom to put back together and help the people the bad queen, and her people, messed up.

And the prince is still in the commander’s dungeon. Wow, I forgot all about him.

So I sit, and stare, and wait for someone or something comes along and tells me what happens next. I just hope it’s not the BFF. That would be bad!

Read ya later!


updates, yes, we must have updates

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Chapter twelve is finished, finally. I got (yes I did mean to say ‘I got’) distracted first by army and then the love story, er, short story, and then the blog speech and the mind vomited essay, which I still have to finish and revise.

Sometimes, in the process of writing, stories and ideas will pop into your head and sidetrack you. Though I knew this I am still having difficulties staying on track….at times. I was doing really well there for a while until the army took over and off I went. *sigh*

Sometimes I feel as if I live with a two year old I can’t take anywhere because they are off and running, first in one direction then another. I don’t know if it’s because I am so creative or maybe I am a trifle attention deficient, even though I have never been diagnosed such. I do remember always getting in trouble at school for day dreaming but I never disrupted class or anything so is that the same thing?

Do I really care at this stage in my life? I’m a respectable(stop laughing), fully functional and self supporting member of society.

So what if I do imagine ways to kill people or skin them? All research, I swear, it’s all research.

But I finished twelve finally and at 2232 words. But now the queen has shown up and she is really ticked off. And Fernando just went ‘poof’ and disappeared right in front of Archie’s eyes, which kinda freaked out the gargoyle. Have you ever seen a freaked out gargoyle? Yeah, its scary and they’re scary even on a good day.

On to chapter thirteen and see what happens between Fernando and his biological mother. See, he kinda claimed the throne being the actual heir to the throne and not his younger brother who, um, has been placed in “protective custody” for now.

Going to get really interesting between the two magic users. Let’s find out who will win out on the magical duel they most assuredly will have in chapter thirteen.

And I have a love story to tell, too. Oh it won’t be in the book, but a short story in first person.

And I found the beginnings of another story in first person that I don’t remember but its something to do about a sorcerer.


Sometime next year I will also be speaking about blogging as a writer and writer platforms and stuff. I like stuff. I love stuff…inside joke.

I think I’m back on schedule now. I finished chapter twelve at only 787 words for the day but I edited twelve pages on the manuscript. And found glaring errors but I marked them so they can be fixed in revision.

I’m going to have start typing the revision up but I don’t want to stop my writing trend so I’m not sure how I am going to do it. Maybe the same way I am writing now but it will be 1000 words a day on present WIP, editing at least 10 pages on finished first draft of another WIP, and begin revising the first draft by 5 or 10 page count? Think that will work? hmmm…

Okay, off I go to twitter and Facebook. Building a writer platform, I am!

Read ya later!