stuck in writer block hell

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I’m stuck on chapter two. Dammit! Yes, yes, I know I can move on to another chapter, and I have before which is why chapter three and four are done. Even chapter one is finished in its first draft. Five and six have beginnings but they aren’t finished yet because I’M STUCK IN CHAPTER TWO!!!!

Chapter two is necessary to show one of my characters. This is the chapter that explains one of the MCs purpose. His presence and reason for being, so to speak.

Yes, I know I can move on without telling all about the back story but that it NOT THE POINT! I want this chapter, I feel this chapter (obviously not felt enough) and I need this chapter finished!

He is hunting wabbits. Er, he is hunting demons, one in particular and he entered the basement in a mausoleum looking for wabbits, uh demons, but now I’m stuck.

Oh, he will find some demon and he will kill some demons but I need MORE. I need action and I need to feel this….something I can’t name. GAH!

It is a necessary chapter and it will be written. Then I can move on.

Maybe if I ignore it the damn thing might tell me what I need to know. Hmm, that could work. Yes, I will ignore chapter two and move on to something completely different.

Ooo I could start editing the first draft of book two and get another draft worked out. Polish, polish, polish till it shines, shines, shines.

Orrr I could outline the story idea I happened upon while looking for something else.

Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I get brief snatches of story ideas that if I don’t write down enough notes I’ll lose the whole thing and it will never show up again. At least I don’t think they show up again.

Tell me, if I forget a story idea will it show up again? But if the answer is yes then how will I know if it showed up again if I forgot it the first time?

Okay, not thinking about that again. The last time I thought like that I got stuck in a loop and had to take something and go lie down until it went away. Not cool!

So, I’m stuck on two, dammit!

Read ya later!


redo the redo again

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I’m working on the book and after looking at my smaller outline, which is nothing like the BIG outline, which is in my blog post “yay,camp”,  I found out that the small outline and the big outline were not matching.

Great, I made changes and forgot to update the smaller outline. Now I’m listing the chapters from the BIG outline so I know what goes where. Sort of!

Yeah, it’s a mess but hey, I’m writing. Um, sort of.

Okay, back to unraveling my conception and make this book happen.

Yeah, I know it’s a short blog post but I’m busy. Leave me alone.

Oh, I did reformat my chapter and found out I have three of six finished in first draft. Yessss….

And book one still needs to be put together and other projects. I think I overwhelm myself and go all catatonic like writerly and do nothing.

I will have plenty to keep me busy when I retire in SEVEN years. geez

And I’ve been thinking about publishing and have a few ideas on how to get my first book (which ever one I finish first or whatever) out there.

Like out THERE, in the world out there. You know, that way…..>>>> OUT THERE!!!

Okay I gotta go, I’m babbling again.

Read ya later!her

Out of the blue, which is usually how it happens, I get a great idea. I wasn’t even trying to think about my story. I just had to wait for someone to quit arguing and explaining something to me at work…and BAM I get this idea.

Or was it a BOOM? I don’t remember but that’s not important now.

I’ve created a new species for my story. Uh, not a new species, exactly. More of a subspecies of a people I already have in the story.

Nope, you have to read it for yourself when it comes out in print. Or on the web…uh, or however I publish it. That is not important at the moment either.

Yes, yes, publishing is important. Just not at this point in the story. Quit looking at me in that tone of voice.

I got all excited and had a name for them. Sorta! But figured I’d wait until I get home and Google translate the name into a different language to make it all exciting and stuff.


I didn’t like what I found so I found a name generator and found two I liked and combined them into one name. Wham, bam, thank you mam I have a new people. Um, of sorts.

I will have to go back and change part of chapter one where these people are mentioned but that won’t be of no big deal and now I have more info to show that will flesh out the chapter more.

Oooooo….Like I said, I got excited. No, not that kind of excited. The other kind of excited.

I was excited enough to blog it so that shows how excited I was, right? Right!

Read ya later!

Oh, did I tell you about my new pen name? No? I guess that will be for another day, n’cest pas?

Read ya later, later!



yes, yes, I know already

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So I’m stuck. Again…on chapter two, now. *sigh*

But I have an outline and six chapters written. Kind of written.

Fine, they’re not finished and one has a huge gap. No, not one, chapter one.

But two is refusing to budge because it wants to be re-written.

Why did I want to write again? Oh, yeah. It wasn’t so much as I wanted to write as so much that I had to write. And unless you have the same malady I have you will not understand. An obsession for something that may not, or may, be a good idea. I won’t know until I finish a book, um, polish a finished book and then get an agent. Or do whatever the next step is after finishing writing a book.

Hey, I have finished writing the first draft of a complete book.

*blink* What? When did that happen?

Oh, I know when it happened, I just hadn’t thought of it as being a finished book. It’s right over there, waiting for it’s first revision. Sitting in its box all nice and cozy.

I actually finished a book. Oh, wow!

I’m going to have to let the sink in good. And, uh, figure out how to get the second chapter re-written so it flows again.

Read ya later!

a haunting

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Fernando has been haunting me. Not like in ‘boo I’m a ghost’ haunting but more like ‘I’m going to be in your thoughts until you get back to my story’ kind of haunting. Yeah, it’s irritating.

I’ve been trying to write the night story. I even started campnano. You can see that here.

As you will notice I only put in for 10,000 words, and maxed it. Uh, sorta….but I haven’t raised my word count because I, uh, lost interest.

I think I have commitment issues. No, really, I think I do. I can’t stay committed to my current WIP without getting bored and messing around behind its back with another project.

Wait, does that make me a story slut? A written whore? A pathetic proser?

I don’t know.All I know is that I can’t stay on one story all the way through. I haven’t even finished book one while book two is still waiting for its first revision. And probably a big plot plug or two. I’m not sure I ever did fix those or not. It’s sitting in its box just cooking and simmering and gathering dust. For the last months or so.

I should be tracking all my projects.Seriously, the way my memory is it’s a wonder I even remember my stories.

So now I have to deal with a haunting. I’m not even sure I know where I put Fernando after I cleaned out, painted, and reorganized my office last year. But I’m sure he’s around somewhere.

The question is whether or not I write on his story or should I get a priest or witch doctor or something to get rid of the haunting?

I’ll keep you posted. Read ya later!

The Ranch: A review

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I’m not much into cowboys any more, not that I wouldn’t talk one up if he was cute enough, but when Netflix came up with The Ranch I’d thought I give it a shot and watch.

If you like to watch a TV sitcom where everyone drinks until they puke most of the time and the F word spoken almost as much as the word ‘the’, then yeah, this show is for you.

However, if you can’t figure out why the characters in the show, one loser football player (Ashton Kutcher) goes back home to his father’s house to live along with his brother (Danny Masterson), who never left home and why the mother (Debra Wanger) and the father (Sam Elliott) don’t live together, even though they are having ‘relations’, but aren’t divorced then you might want to watch something else.

Why did Elliott and Winger agree to do this show? We know their careers are pretty much over. They are brilliant actor but couldn’t they have made a better choice in gigs than this mess to revive their dead careers? It’s hard to say, I guess.

If you like stupid jokes, drunks, and the F word then this is for you. But if you have more sense and better taste then don’t waste your time.


I suck at this blog thing

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

I read back through my blog, my non writery blog, yeah this blog….

I read back through my blog and realized I really suck at this blog thing. And there are articles I want to write and opinion pieces I want to write and a pack of other writing projects. What is a group of writing called anyway? Pack? Book? Pages? hmmm…

So I think I’m going to use this as my article/opinion writing place. Of course, if I do put an article up and someone steals it I can sue them for copyright infringement. yesss….

I’m not going to make promises about blogging again. That hasn’t worked yet. But I think I will try and write something, even if it’s nonsense like this bit. At least I’m writing.

Read ya later!